Powerful & Flexible

We know dishwashing can be a chore. That’s why our team has developed a product that makes dishwashing easier, faster, and less gross. We start with a powerful, concentrated dishwashing paste and combine it with natural cellulose, giving CLNR™ its unique, flexible structure. Cellulose also helps control how much of our sudsy lather is released over time, allowing for amazing performance over the extended life of your cleaner.

Intentional Design

Our scrubby side is perfectly designed to tackle baked-on, burnt-on messes without damaging non-stick surfaces. The soft side is cloth-like, allowing for a gentle clean on glasses and china. Both layers prevent food from sticking to the surface and rinse clean, every time. These layers surround a barrier that allows soap to pass through, but prevents food particles from getting in! Combined with our fresh-smelling soapy core, this allows CLNR™ to stay fresh week after week.

Non-stick. No stink.

If food can't stick, sponges can't stink. Our patented barrier films were designed with special pores whose shape and size allow soap to get out while preventing food particles from getting in. Plus, our plastics don't let frequent offenders like eggs and cheese adhere to the outside. Our unique product formulation also helps to keep odor in check.