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Introducing CLNR, a unique, 3-in-1 dishwashing tool that takes concentrated dishwashing cleanser and sandwiches it between scrubbing and wiping surfaces. With our CleanRinse technology, CLNR stays as fresh as the day you opened it throughout your use!

  • Safe for non-stick surfaces
  • Stays fresh wash-to-wash, up to six weeks
  • Lasts roughly 2 weeks for heavy users; up to 2 months for light users
  • Silicone hanger allows CLNR to hang dry


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4 Stars

I really like this product. It makes cleaning easier. Two issues. I whisper it was about half to a third smaller. That would make it easier to manage especially when scrubbing. Two, the first one split at the seam and the stuff inside came out.

5 Stars
Great dish cleaner!

I really love these dish cleaner/scrubbers with soap in them. I would probably never use a rag again except for the pieces of my coffeemaker. It doesn’t get into the small areas as well as I’d like, so I do end up still using my dish rag for the small crevices , but I love the soap in the sponge and it scrubs my pans perfectly. I will keep buying them. One sponge lasts me about five or six days. I use it daily on my coffee pot and maker pieces, pans for the day and coffee cups and pet dishes. All else goes in the dishwasher.

4 Stars
Conf scrub soap pads

It is so convenient to hang it right by the Fossett and it works beautifully however, it runs out too fast and it tears too easily

5 Stars

I love these sponges. Threw away my traditional sponge and my dish wand and now only use this. No smell, works great, and lasts a while! Love it!

5 Stars
CLNR Soap sponge

This item is a MUST have for any home looking for a greener cleaner! It is amazing when we are camping too!!!